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The bank of Lusenzo lagoon in Sottomarina

Giro della laguna del Lusenzo

If you want to avoid the smog of the city, the chaos and traffic, the Lagoon of Lusenzo is right for you. The cycling path and footpath allow you to take a trip through the lagoon, starting from Sottomarina and ending in Chioggia and vice versa.

The place is particularly pleasant as a result of the architecture and the cleanness; benches surrounded by the greenery where you can rest or catch a bit of sun. A beautiful view of the lagoon and very suggestive "painting" of the city make the walk extremely relaxing, thanks also to the calm and tranquillity of the place.

It is also ideal for jogging and for those who are passionate about sailing.....that is, model boats! Walking, it is very easy to take part in some water duel a la "Luna Rossa" with boats no bigger than one metre long. It is very pleasant also by bike.... that will be because even Sottomarina can offer a place far from the smog and the chaos of the city, where access is permitted only to pedestrians and cyclists.

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Riva della laguna Lusenzo Lusenzo lagoon Lusenzo bank

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