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Culinary traditions and cuisine of Chioggia-Sottomarina

Chioggia, the fishing and vegetable production capital of the Central Europe, has a culinary tradition and cuisine. We list some of the most important dishes with their characteristic names.

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• Boboli de vida: snails with olive oil and parsley

Granseole: Boiled crab, seasoned with olive oil, lemon and spices.

Sardele salae: raw sardines or anchovies preserved in layers of salt and served with olive oil.

Bibarasse in cassopipa

Bibarasse in cassopipa
clams cooked with onions

Cape sante al forno

Baked scallops
cooked with garlic and parsley in the shell with the addition of brandy.


• Broeto: slices of different kind of cooked fish or shellfish in a sauce of oil, onion and vinegar. Served with croutons.

• Bigoli in salsa: spaghetti with a sauce of garlic, olive oil, onion, parsley and anchovy fillets.

Risoto de sepe: rice with fried or boiled cuttlefish, with the addition of oil and parsley.

Spaghetti con le bibarasse

Spagheti co le bibarasse
Spaghetti served with clams


Risoto a la pescatora
rice with pieces of fish cooked in their sauce


Risoto a la ciosota
rice cooked in a sauce of various specialties of fried and boiled fish with garlic, Parmesan and white wine.


Bisato in tecia: eel in tomato sauce and white wine

Sepe nere: cuttlefish, boiled in a mixture of onion and garlic, with the addition of white wine, tomatoes and spices.

Sardele in saore: fried sardines or anchovies preserved in a sauce of onions and vinegar

Moleche frite: crabs fried in abundant oil

Risi e vuovi: cuttlefish eggs boiled and seasoned with olive oil, vinegar and spices.

Seppie in umido

Sepe in umido
cuttlefish in tomato sauce and spices.

Pesce arrosto

Pesse rosto incovercià
many specialty of fish roasted over coals and heated in a covered pan with olive oil, vinegar, wine and garlic.


Radicchio di Chioggia

Radicchio rosso
Can be served with oil and salt; barbecued, or fried
More information about radicchio of Chioggia


Papini: thin and hard donuts typical of the Easter

Sugoli: cream made of black grapes and flour

Smegiassa: cake made with a mixture of black honey, flour, pumpkin, raisins, pine nuts and sugar


Pane Bossolà di Chioggia

Typical speciality recognized as "bread of Chioggia", shaped as a ring, fragrant and crisp, easy to maintain.

Texts from
CHIOGGIA historical and artistic itineraries
of Gianni Scarpa and Sergio Ravagnan

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